Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro celebrates Brittney Griner’s sentence (2022)

WEST HARTFORD, Ct. -April can no longer claim the title, “the cruelest month.” August has been 31 days of hell for transgender people who want nothing more than to be left alone, to live their lives free of hatred and to be treated the same as everyone else, meaning cisgender people.

The trolls responsible for all that hatred have largely taken aim at trans women who dare to raise their voice against transphobia and oppression, like Clara Sorrenti, best known on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter as Keffals.

This week, Sorrenti launched an online campaign of her own, to pressure Cloudflare—a San Francisco company that provides secure internet connections and privacy—to drop one of the most egregious purveyors of hate: Kiwi Farms.

That campaign,, won support Wednesday from GLAAD.

“For weeks Cloudflare has stood behind their decision to provide services to a website that openly calls for the harassment, violence, and murder of transgender and nonbinary people, which even goes as far to reveal personal home addresses, putting these people in serious danger,” said a spokesperson for GLAAD.

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For weeks Cloudflare has stood behind their decision to provide services to a website that openly calls for the harassment, violence, and murder of transgender and nonbinary people, which even goes as far to reveal personal home addresses, putting these people in serious danger.

— GLAAD (@glaad) August 31, 2022

By hiding behind donations to LGBTQ causes and simultaneously refusing to sever ties with this website, Cloudflare is the definition of hypocrisy.

— GLAAD (@glaad) August 31, 2022

Taking action against anti-trans hate and violence should be an easy decision for Cloudflare, and the company needs to put a stop to willfully allowing its services to be used to aggressively harass LGBTQ people and spark real world violence. #DropKiwiFarms

— GLAAD (@glaad) August 31, 2022

Sorrenti calls KiwiFarms a “transphobic hate forum” that she says has doxxed trans and nonbinary people, stalked them and driven some to suicide. Sorrenti herself has been targeted, and swatted—in which a caller makes a false report of extreme violence happening at someone’s address, a harassment tactic that has also been used against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

One swatting incident led to Sorrenti’s arrest by police in Ontario. She has since fled Canada and has been living in undisclosed Airbnbs, but the haters have found her, even in Northern Ireland. She says they’re followers of KiwiFarms and not only doxxing but also hacking to locate her, threaten her and promise to do things so horrible, Sorrenti flagged tweets to be masked for “violence” and “sensitive content.”

One messenger deadnames her, and it only gets worse from there, promising to “beat to death” Sorrenti, “record your dying screams and moans and masturbate to them.”

Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro celebrates Brittney Griner’s sentence (1)

Sorrenti also accuses the man behind KiwiFarms, Josh Moon, of being responsible for at least three suicides: Chloe Sagal, Julie Terryberry and Near aka Byuu. In each case, she says Moon “celebrated” their deaths and accepted no responsibility, but the suicide of Near ultimately did cost him the support of his domain register, prior to Cloudflare.

Sorrenti is now looking for supporters to fight back. Her effort, she says, has gained traction, claiming KiwiFarms has never faced a backlash this big, even when it got banned in New Zealand for how it redistributed the livestreamed video of the deadly terror spree in Christchurch, in 2019.

Our campaign has officially made more people aware and outraged about Kiwi Farms than at any point in the websites history. Keep it up. #DropKiwifarms

— keffals #DropKiwifarms (@keffals) August 31, 2022

If Cloudflare doesn’t bow to pressure and drop KiwiFarms, Sorrenti is organizing a protest for October 18 in San Francisco, where the firm is holding a conference that will be attended by company executives. She’s using a subreddit to organize and the hashtag #DropKiwifarms to spread her message and fight back against hate.

But Sorrenti is hardly the only one haters have targeted. This week, The Trevor Project has been besieged by callers flooding their 24/7 hotline. But the calls are not from LGBTQ+ youth in crisis, but allegedly users of 4chan, as the Los Angeles Blade has reported, in a campaign to disrupt their lifesaving work.

Also this week, LibsofTikTok, aka Chaya Raichik, emerged from a 7-day Twitter suspension, vowing to redouble her attacks on hospitals providing gender-affirming care. Raichik calls that “mutilating the body.” Among her targets: Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. and Boston Children’s Hospital, which was the subject of a bomb threat Tuesday night.

Alejandra Caraballo is among the victims of LibsOfTikTok and is also using her platform to take down KiwiFarms.

“I take no joy in my calling for accounts to be suspended or removed from Twitter,” Caraballo told the Los Angeles Blade in a recent phone interview. She’s a clinical instructor at the cyberlaw clinic at Harvard Law School. “I can vehemently disagree with people and understand that they have just as much of a right to say that. The difference here is that this is outright hate content.”

Earlier this month, she reported Raichik for misgendering and deadnaming her, and Twitter deleted Raichik’s tweet. But then Raichik found a backdoor to tag her in a new attack tweet, which Caraballo calls “direct manipulation and harassment.”

As for Moon, Caraballo is on his case as well, regarding that suicide of the nonbinary software developer known as Near.

Joshua Moon is currently lying about one of the suicide victims of his site faking their death and going into hiding. It’s important for him to do this since Near’s suicide letter blamed Joshua and his site directly for his death.

— keffals #DropKiwifarms (@keffals) August 31, 2022

Caraballo also tweeted on Wednesday that one of the so-called “LGBTQ org” donation offsets promised by Cloudflare was to a group called GODHATESFAGS.COM which she said is run by none other than the Westboro Baptist Church.

Heard from a former Cloudflare employee that the customer that they did an “offset” donation to LGBTQ orgs for was “GODHATESFAGS[.]COM” which is run by the Westboro Baptist Church. They continue to support this site. They had no ERG in June 2017. They lied in their blog.

— Alejandra Caraballo (@Esqueer_) August 31, 2022

Another anti-trans activist, Matt Walsh, targeted Ph.D. candidate, Eli Erlick and the university she’s attending, University of California at Santa Cruz. Walsh used his show on the far right-wing streaming service, The Daily Wire, to label Erlick “a confessed drug dealer” targeting children.

That stems from a since-deleted Instagram post in which Erlick, a longtime advocate for trans youth, proposed pooling and distributing unused doctor-prescribed hormone medications for those who cannot afford them. Erlick has denied providing hormone replacement therapy to children and called those allegations “false and absurd.”

In addition to reporting Erlick to the university and federal authorities for the post about providing hormone medications, Walsh has threatened a siege of the university itself.

“We gave the leadership there a day to respond and tell us what steps they would take to address this before I started giving out their contact information. Well, they never did address it,” Walsh said. “Now it’s time to escalate. The University of California, Santa Cruz, is a public university. These officials have no right to ignore this issue. They just don’t have the right to do it.” Walsh shared contact information for university leadership, and then promised he wasn’t done. “Next, I will find the Board of Trustees, and I will find the donors at the school. After that I’ll show up there with a crowd of people. I’ll come there personally.”

The university issued a statement declaring “transgender rights are human rights,” and while not addressing the controversial post directly, said: “The university is aware of social media posts by one of our graduate students related to gender-affirming medical care outlawed in certain states. The university takes allegations of illegal activity seriously, harassment included.”

As the Los Angeles Blade has reported, Walsh was behind an anti-trans documentary, “What Is A Woman?” and Erlick was one of several trans people, including L.A.-based trans athlete and trailblazer Fallon Fox, contacted by Walsh’s production team earlier this year.

Fox continues to be trolled by TERFs and British anti-trans activists—who call themselves “Gender Critical” or G.C.±—nearly every day, about her body, about her record in the octagon and trans inclusion in sports.

The latest canard: Trans women should not compete with cisgender women because of bone density. Fox handled that with a strong kick that left a mark: “If bone density was a factor in sports,” she tweeted, “you’d see athletes trying to find ways to make their bones more dense, or complaining about weak bones. And Antiresorptive & Anabolic (bone loss & building) medications would be banned in sports for fairness & safety.”

But you’ll NEVER hear of athletes complaining about bone density EVER unless trans athletes are involved. Because the whole bone density argument is not valid and is only used to create a fake stigma around trans women.

— Fallon Fox (@FallonFox) August 26, 2022

If there’s any silver lining, at least no one has been added this month to the toll of murdered trans Americans, now standing at 27, that we know of, following last year’s record of 57. That’s not really a cause for celebration.

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