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1 The Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury Frankfurterstrasse 3 / Wiesbaden / (0611) / St. Augustine s Church is an international English-speaking Anglican congregation under the jurisdiction of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe and Bishop Pierre Whalon in Paris. The Episcopal Church Europe is a welcoming community that knows God loves all people no exceptions. We celebrate our diversity of languages, cultures and nations. We rejoice in reaching out to the world and becoming One in Christ. Father Chris Corner Dear Faithful and Friends of St. Augustine s, This year so far at least - the calendar months and church seasons seem to be coinciding. So all of the month of March was also Lent and April, with the exception of the first couple of days that are the end of Holy Week, is part of the season of Easter. This prevents me having to give you mixed messages, such as asking you to reflect on and repent of your sins AND be glad and joyful at the same time. Instead I can focus on the joy we feel when we celebrate the Resurrection the feast of new birth and new life: definitely something to be happy about! For Anglicans both Good Friday and Easter Day are equally important, for it is not just Christ's sacrificial death on the cross that saves us, but also his being raised from the dead to new life in the Resurrection. Together they stand for the promise of life not so much after, but out of death, and for God s infinite love and desire for relationship. This is a message we have to both live out and share. Living it means being willing to sacrifice not our lives, but sometimes our pet interests, personal traditions, and favorite ways of doing things to allow something new and better to develop for the whole community that furthers that part of God s mission we have been entrusted with. Sharing means sharing the joyful message of the Resurrection with others, letting them know about Jesus Christ, the Risen One. According to the ending of Mark s Gospel, which we will hear on Easter Day, when the women found the empty tomb and were told by a young man dressed in white that Jesus had been raised, their first reaction was to flee for terror and amazement had seized them; and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid. (Mark 16:8) But clearly they soon returned and began sharing the Good News! Sharing the Good News means helping others find Jesus, especially those who need his message of love, life, and forgiveness. In her Easter message our Presiding Bishop, Katherine, reflects on where we can find, and help others find the Risen One: We can find (him), if we will go stand with the grieving Marys of this world, if we will draw out the terrified who have retreated to their holes, if we will walk the Emmaus road with the lost and confused, if we will search out the hungry in the neighborhood called Galilee. We will find him already there before us, bringing new and verdant life. The only place we will not find him is in the tomb. Alleluia. Christ is risen. The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia. Blessings, Chris+ 1 A GOOD WORD PUBLICATION MADE IN GERMANY

2 FATHER CHRIS CONTACT DETAILS The Parsonage: Schützenstr. 2, Wiesbaden, Home phone: mobile Fr. Chris' regular day off is Monday. Fr. Chris is away from April (Somme trip with Whites, then Academy for Parish Leadership) CHURCH WEBSITE: w w CHURCH OFFICE: (0611) Tues. & Fri. morning office hours; Christine Spethman is church secretary. She w ill be aw ay from April 9-20; there will be no regular office hours during that time (though mail will be checked.) Volunteers needed to print & fold bulletins. BANK ACCOUNT: Deutsche Bank Wiesbaden IBAN:DE BIC: DEUTDEDB 510 BANK ACCOUNT:: Deutsche Bank Wiesbaden / Endowment Fund IBAN: DE BIC/SWIFT: DEUTDEDB 510 APRIL VESTRY MEETING Thursday, 9 April, 6.30 pm FRIDAY FORMATION / Women in the Bible At the Parsonage 10 April, 7.30 pm PRAYER AND PRAISE SERVICE Saturday, 11 April, 5.30 pm FRIDAY FORUM WITH BISHOP PIERRE St. Augustine s Church Christians in Iraq and Syria (Persecution & Flight) 24 April, 6.00 pm CONFIRMATION SUNDAY 26 April, Sr. Warden - Raymond Hodgkinson Jr. Warden-Nina Scheicher VESTRY Secretary-Susan Pinnells Treasurer-Jim White John Adams Ashley Cross Erika le Roux Cameron Nelson Andrea Noble Lisa Pickersgill Gregory Rampinelli John Richards PARISH DIRECTORY Bishop The Rt. Rev. Pierre Whalon Priest-in-charge The Rev. Christopher Easthill Priest Associate The Rev. Douglas Robinson Altar Guild Valerie Röcker Flower Guild Wendy Rathgeber Chalice Bearers Robert Ramsay Lectors June Dewell Acolytes Valeria Eiseman Ushers Peter Hellbach Choirmaster Ivan Williams Organist Erika le Roux Coffee/Tea Elaine White, Anna Altvater Sunday School Andrea Noble Crèche Jeanne Nelson, Roxane Richards Youth Group - George Jameson, Nicole Tjarks Home Group Taunus -F. Donecker, D. Dziewas Women of the Church Jill Cross Kaffeeklatsch Elaine White, Roxane Richards Outreach Fleur Donecker, Deborah Cole Ecumenical/ACK E. Onwubuariri, D. Dziewas Fine Arts Ivan Williams Nearly New Räder, Mrongowius & Hollis Book Sale Rathgeber, Spethmann, & Merkel Stamps for Bethel Jill Cross Knitting Circle Dorothee Dziewas United Thank Offering Kay Hollis Parish Historian Hilary Norman Parish Office Christine Spethmann Church Garden Rosemary Unger Sunday Bulletin Ashley Cross Web Master Robert Ramsay Web Page Editor Dorothee Dziewas Facebook Andy Pickersgill Custodian Eric Darko Groundsman Gerhardt Rippert Parish Newsletter Jeanne Nelson

3 ST. AUGUSTINE S APRIL SERVICE SCHEDULE OFFICIANT (Tenebrae) Robert Ramsay CHALICE BEARERS Robert Ramsay ( ) 02 April (Maundy Thursday) Esther Onwubuariri 03 April (Good Friday) John Adam 05 April (Easter Sunday) R. Nelson, V. Eiseman 12 April - Andrea Noble, Greg Rampinelli 19 April - Grace Vorberg-Addo, Robert Ramsay 26 April - Deborah Cole, Shirley Blenkinsop ACOLYTES Valeria Eiseman ( ) 05 April Crucifer - Roberto Eiseman Thurifer - Tim Röcker Gospel Holder - Alessandro Eiseman 12 April Crucifer - Ariane Blenkinsop Torchbearer -Mark & Yasmin Blenkinsop Gospel Holder - Alessandro Eiseman 19 April Crucifer - Yasmin Blenkinsop Torchbearer - Benjamin & Sam Wright Gospel Holder - Roberto Eiseman 26 April Crucifer - Ariane Blenkinsop Torchbearer - Sam & Benjamin Wright Gospel Holder - Mark Blenkinsop ALTAR GUILD Valerie Roecker ( ) 05 April (Easter Sunday) - Zoe Cross, Valerie Rocker 12 April - Kay Hollis 19 April - Jeanne Nelson, Diana Mrongowius 26 April (Confirmation) - E. Onwubuariri, V. Rocker LECTORS June Dewell ( ) 02 April (Maundy Thursday) J. Nelson, L. Pickersgill 03 April (Good Friday Evening) E. White, J. Dewell 05 April - Richard Nelson, Gaby Marahens 12 April - Marian Oshyra, Judy Hagen 19 April - Jillian Süssner, Dieter Bölzing 26 April - Valeria Eiseman, Shirley Blenkinsop 26 April - Prayers: Peter Hellbach USHERS Peter Hellbach ( ) 05 April - June Dewell, Wolf-Dieter Donecker 12 April - Marian Oshyra, Jim Noble 19 April - Eric Dillenberger, Victoria Scheicher 26 April - Marshall Hagen, Sabine Schubert FLOWER GUILD Wendy Rathgeber ( ) 05 April - Wendy Rathgeber 12 April - Juliana Fiedler 19 April - Colleen Grigel 26 April - Nina Scheicher TEA/COFFEE Elaine White ( ) 05 April (Easter Sunday) Nelson, Asmanidis, Feldvoss 12 April - A Little Help, Please!? 19 April - A Little Help, Please!? 26 April - (Confirmation) Gene Bean & Helpers KAFFEEKLATSCH 04 April - NO KAFFEEKLATSCH 11 April - A Little Help, Please?! 18 April - NO KAFFEEKLATSCH 25 April - Elaine White, June Dewell & Co. CHURCH SCHOOL & CRÈCHE Jeanne Nelson ( ) and Andrea Noble ( ) 05 April - Nelson, Asmanidis, Feldvoss 12 April - Nelson, Richards 19 April - Andrea Noble, Jeanne Nelson 26 April - Nelson, Feldvoss SUNDAY VESTRY COUNTERS 05 April - Jim White & Volunteer 12 April - Greg Rampinelli & Volunteer 19 April - Robert Ramsay & Volunteer 26 April - John Adam & Volunteer 3

4 Governance Formal meeting items: The Anglican/Episcopal Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury SUMMARY - DRAFT MINUTES Saturday, : (Parsonage, Wiesbaden) Quorum established.agenda: 2 changes. Request from AA removed. Organ repair added. Minutes: Motion: Jim motioned to approve Jan 10, 2015 Minutes, 2 nd Andrea. 2 abstentions. Motion: Cameron motioned to approve 15 Feb 2015 Minutes, 2 nd John R. 3 abstentions. Follow-up on action items: Nothing outstanding. Tourist booklet including St. Augustine s available. AGM Follow-up Registration of vestry officers and new vestry filed with the Amtsgericht. Bank account signatures can be filed when Amtsgericht sends official confirmation. Bylaw changes to Title IV Changes to be made and registered with Amtsgericht (neue Satzung). Fr. Chris: Discussion of Bylaw situation with Bishop Pierre. Meeting scheduled for Current legal position: Chancellors of both churches have not finalized their discussions. Vestry to meet Bishop at Parsonage on 25 April for dinner. Forum with the Bishop on in church. Topic: Christian refugees and situation in Wiesbaden, what role can we play? New Bylaw changes required by Finanzamt Fr. Chris received a letter from the Finanzamt stating specific changes which are required by next AGM Vestry Committees Every committee has to have a vestry liaison member. Motion: Jim motioned that Greg be appointed to the Communications Committee and John A. to the Outreach Committee, 2 nd Andrea. Unanimous agreement. Remaining positions to be discussed during next Saturday s vestry retreat. Vestry Meeting Dates / Retreat Update Full discussion of dates to be held during the retreat. Reports (Information/Discussion/Decisions) Community Calendar overview No Kaffee Klatsch on 18 April (clash with the Children s Clothing Bazaar). 23 rd May: Geist-Reich-Festival to take place at St. Elisabeth s Church. 13 Sept: Picnic and open-air service in Frauenstein. CAECG Sept, hosted by St A s. 30 Nov: AIDS memorial service. Time and Talents : early October possible. 150 th Anniversary Main changes: American BBQ ; Victorian Music Box Sept 25, Fr. Chris to prepare press release. Historical exhibition, Hilary to be present. 2 stained glass windows from before the fire: owner has contacted the church. Choir of St John s Church, Ranmoor, on tour. Posters/flyers to be printed. VIPs invited: update on attendance. Possible contact to Canterbury parish church in UK. Parish dinner/potluck? Combine with Time & Talent. Nearly New Sale: Wednesday sale (2 nd Wednesdays) recommences in April. 4

5 Formation Sunday School Exchange of neon strip lighting with lamps. Amazing growth in numbers. First family service tomorrow. Andrea pleased with the overall situation. Adult Formation Fr. Chris: Good response all round. Parish retreat: 11 attended. Mission and Outreach Ecumenical/ACK Fr. Chris urges members of St A s to attend Geist-Reich-Festival. Refugees: how can we help? Practical ideas to be put forward at Forum in April when Bishop is here. Outreach Next meeting to discuss allocation of budget. Support of Rev. Dorothee Hahn s missionary project in Rumania. Malawi: reconsidering what projects are to be supported. Fleur and Deborah to be in Malawi in near future. CAECG Meeting in Hamburg. Fr. Chris: Review of meeting. C of E to appoint new archdeacon. Conference on Fresh Expressions/ Emerging Church in July in Bonn (details: see last weekly announcements). Strategy for diocese in Europe (Bishop Robert). Rev. Douglas Robinson to attend vestry retreat next Sat. ) Managing God s Assets Treasurer s Report No treasurer s report this Chris: handout of income and expenses for Jan- Feb Jan-Feb 2015 ended with a deficit of (but bank balances still positive) Fr. Chris: No cause for worry - normal development at this time of year, and some bills from prior year paid. Software programme updated. Request that dated 1 March 2015 from Treasurer Jim White to vestry members be recorded. (see complete version of minutes.) Majority of the vestry voted to accept the transfers/decisions contained in this . The Vestry expressed their thanks to Rosemary Unger for her donation of flowers. Organ: repairs are needed. Guaranteed estimate between In case of repair organ will be out of action for 2 weeks. Possibility of replacement: 2 nd hand organ. Expenses concerning the organ to be paid from the organ fund. Motion: Erika motioned that the Vestry approve the repair of the organ. 2 nd John R. Unanimous approval. Jim thanked all who have supported him during his absence, in particular Fr. Chris, Wendy, Christine and Heidi. Facilities Report including Garden and Car Park (Junior Warden). Nina: Handout and brief summary: Clean up day. Renovation project. Glass partitioning. Prof. Jochem agreed to be patron of CCC project. 3 main projects 2015: sandstone portal, glass partitioning, fire door to the undercroft. Erika: fire escape route from choir loft needed. Discussion of car park deferred. Motion: Jim motioned that a fire door to the undercroft to be installed, mid April, and financed out of the general budget, 2 nd Ashley. Unanimous approval. 3 Projects for 2016 outlined. Vestry thanked Nina for her hard work. Fr. Chris: suggested the idea of adding a European flag to the present collection. CCC Report Committee complete. Purpose established. Meetings scheduled. Fr. Chris to meet with Mayor of Wiesbaden, Sven Gerich, to gain his support. Possibility of employing a fund-raising consultant. George J s father to do sponsored run for St A s. Building Permit change John A. to deal with this. Closing Prayer Next Meeting: 09 April 2015, Thursday, 6.30 pm at church Susan Pinnells, Secretary,

6 HOLY WEDNESDAY TENEBRAE 8pm The name Tenebrae (the Latin word for darkness or shadow) has for centuries been applied to the ancient monastic night and early morning services of the last three days of Holy week. The most conspicuous feature of the service is the gradual extinguishing of candles and other lights in the church until only a single lit candle, considered a symbol of our Lord, remains. Toward the end of the service this candle is hidden, typifying the apparent victory of the forces of evil. At the very end, a loud noise is made, symbolizing the earthquake at the time of the resurrection (Matthew 28:2), the hidden candle is restored to its place, and by its light all depart in silence. MAUNDY THURSDAY 02 April Agape Meal - 6pm Eucharist 7pm Vigil 8pm to 7am The evening will begin with a simple Lentil soup supper, also known as an Agape (Greek for the love of Christians for one another) meal and is especially appropriate to Maundy Thursday when we gather to remember the last supper of Christ with his disciples. Maundy is derived from the word mandate, as Christ washed the feet of his disciples that night (John 13:34) and gave them the mandate to show their love for each other by doing likewise. Our service on Maundy Thursday will include foot washing. Fr. Chris will wash the feet of any who wish to come forward to receive that symbolic act. Following the Holy Communion, the service will conclude with the silent stripping of the Altar, preparing the church for the starkness of Good Friday. The all night Vigil will begin in the church at 8pm. This is in remembrance of Jesus vigil in the garden of Gethsemane on the last night of his earthly life. We need members to take an hour each, and it is best that there be at least 2 people for each hour. A sign up sheet for the vigil is on the bulletin board on the wall beside the front door of the church. GOOD FRIDAY Good Friday Liturgy 7am Solemn Liturgy 7pm Our commemoration of the Crucifixion will include the reading of the Passion according to St. John and the Solemn Collects from the Prayer Book. HOLY SATURDAY 4 April / 12 Noon Holy Saturday Liturgy EASTER SUNDAY 05 April 10am We will celebrate the feast of the Resurrection with a full Festival Eucharist, and flowering of the Cross upon entering the church. There will be an Easter tree and garden. There will also be the traditional Egg Hunt following the service in the church garden for the Sunday school children. 6 HOLY WEEK EASTER Wednesday in Holy Week 1 April pm Tenebrae An Ancient Holy Week Liturgy with Candlelight Darkness came over the whole land Psalms, Lamentations and Responsories THE CHOIR OF ST. AUGUSTINE S CHURCH Maundy Thursday 2 April pm Simple Lentil Soup Supper 7.00pm Eucharist 8.00pm All Night Vigil Good Friday 3 April am Good Friday Liturgy 7.00pm Solemn Liturgy Holy Saturday Liturgy 4 April 2015 / 12 Noon Easter Day 5 April am Festival Eucharist Flowering of the Cross Easter Egg Hunt for Children

7 SAINTS & FEAST DAYS IN APRIL SAINT MARK THE EVANGELIST 25 April Mark was the son of a woman who owned a house in Jerusalem, perhaps the same house in which Jesus ate the Last Supper with his disciples. He may have been the young man who fled naked when Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. In his letter to the Colossians, Paul refers to Mark the cousin of Barnabas, who was with him in his imprisonment. Mark set out with Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey, but he turned back for reasons which failed to satisfy Paul. When another journey was planned, Paul refused to have Mark with him, Instead, Mark went with Barnabas to Cyprus. The breach between Paul and Mark was later healed, and Mark became one of Paul s companions in Rome, as well as a close friend of Peter s. An early tradition recorded by Papias Bishop of Hieropolis in Asia Minor at the beginning of the second century, names Mark as the author of the Gospel bearing his name. This tradition, which holds that Mark drew his information from the teaching of Peter, is generally accepted. In his First Letter, Peter refers to my son Mark, which shows a close relationship between the two men. The Church of Alexandria in Egypt claimed Mark as its first bishop and most illustrious martyr, and the great Church of St. Mark in Venice commemorates the disciple who progressed from turning back while on a missionary journey with Paul and Barnabas to proclaiming in his Gospel Jesus of Nazareth as Son of God, bearing witness to that faith in his later life as friend and companion to the apostles Peter and Paul. (LESSER FEASTS AND FASTS) Mark is represented by a winged lion because his Gospel begins with a reference to John the Baptist as a voice crying in the wilderness. (Seasons and Symbols) GENEROUS OFFER OF SPONORED RUN for the preservation of St. Augustine s Church Dear Faithful and Friends of St. Augustine s, David Jameson, the father of our parishioner George Jameson, has been doing sponsored runs and cycle rides to raise money for good causes for some years now. And this year we, St. Augustine's and in particular our project to repair, renovate, and improve our church building are the "good cause"! Here's what he has to say: "It's (69 miles or 111 km) from Carlisle Castle to Newcastle Gateshead Bridge along Hadrians Wall. David Jameson is planning to run (plus, perhaps, a bit of walking when hills get steep!) the whole way in aid of St. Augustines Church. And in under 24 hours! 59 year old David will be taking part in the annual Rat Race, otherwise called The Wall Ultra Run on 20th June. Four years ago David was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his spine. For all of his life he has been a keen sportsman, and when his doctor told him "no jogging, no cycling, no running", David decided to listen to this message (not!) with his partially deaf ear! He started with a 10km (6mile) fun run, then 3 years ago he did his first marathon (26.2 miles 42km) - the North Dorset Village Marathon. Since then he has done 51 marathons to keep fit in between them running 20 miles each weekend and another eight in the week. The Wall is more than 2½ marathons in one go. And it's not just running, David also cycles and has done a sponsored long distance cycle in aid of Somerset Air Ambulance, and will be taking part in another sponsored cycle ride before The Wall Ultra Run. David's running and cycling is not just about beating the osteo, it's about raising money for good causes, over 4,500 in four years. He also ran in aid of St. Peter s Church, Evercreech, where George was baptised, when the churched needed funds for preservation. This time David has chosen to raise money to support the preservation of St. Augustine s of Canterbury. So let us support him, and in doing so our own church, by sponsoring him too. You will find a sponsorship form at the back of the church and we will sooon have a separate bank account for our Capital Campaign into which you can pay your sponsorship after he has successfully completed his run. Thank you....and a big thank you to David for supporting us in this way! Yours in Christ, Chris+ 7

8 SUNDAY PRAYER LIST There is now a prayer list at the back of the church. If you would like to include prayers for yourself or another during the Prayers of the People in our Sunday service, please list them on the prayer list on the ushers table prior to the start of the service. This will be renewed weekly. HOLY WEEK PREPARATIONS AND ASSISTANCE Apart from coming to the services and living though the events of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, his betrayal, suffering, death and then the triumph and joy of the Resurrection, we also hope that you will be able to contribute by: Bringing food for the simple supper on Maundy Thursday (bread, olives, dates, grapes, water, juice, wine) Joining the All-night Vigil after the Eucharist on Maundy Thursday until 7 am Good Friday (one hour slots - two people needed for each hour); middle of the night /early morning watchers needed! Bringing flowers (cut fairly short) for the Flowering of the Cross on Easter. Bringing Easter eggs for the hunt on Easter Day! Parish Announcements and Reminders OUTREACH PROJECTS You can currently support two of our outreach projects on Sundays: By buy goods from Romania displayed by Theo Patsios each Saturday and Sunday near the church entrance. And by also donating your old, no longer required pairs of glasses/spectacles in the collection box at the back of the church for the Right to See initiative presented by Andy Pickersgill who says: I hope we can fill that box in the coming weeks. Thank you very much for your support. CHILDREN S CLOTHING BAZAAR On Saturday, 18 April 2015 from , St. Augustine s will be having another Spring/Summer children s bazaar that also will provide a large Cake buffet with coffee and tea plus a Hot Dog stand and soft drinks. This is popular and the vendors have very reasonable prices. Christine Spethman and Veronica Rejmers are in charge. Church office hours: Tuesdays and Friday s from at If anyone would like to volunteer to work behind the refreshment table, please give a ring. CHURCH GARDEN WORK In the Church Garden the first steps have been made to plant the beds in front of the Garden House. Plans have been made to tidy up the corner where the old font pedestal stands as well as putting some more plants in. Help is needed during the summer to cut and water the lawn in front of the Church as well as watering the newly planted hedge and bushes. If you could help with this, please contact me, Rosemary Unger (tel: ). FRIENDS OF ST. AUGUSTINE S The church office is constantly updating the Friends of St. Augustine list. If you have addresses of former members, please let the office have details, so we can check whether they are already on the list, and add them if necessary. People on this list receive information about what s happening at the Church, and it is also used for fundraising purposes, so it is important that we keep it up-to-date as possible. UNITED THANK OFFERING (UTO) The United Thank Offering (UTO) Spring Ingathering will be held on Sunday, 21 June The UTO is a personal and family devotional program of the Episcopal Church. It is the sum of our daily thanks for the blessings in our everyday lives. We can be thankful to God for blessings and take action by putting coins in our Blue Box. The United Thank Offering is an organization founded by women in 1889 supportive of women missionaries. It has now become a worldwide effort to meet compelling human needs and to expand the mission and ministry of the church. The power of the Blue Box is unlimited. Your prayers and offerings have built churches and schools, made needed renovations, fed the hungry, clothed the poor, provided shelter for the homeless and have provided care and support for those with physical, mental and emotional challenges. We will forward our collected offering to the UTO offices in New York City where it becomes part of a fund within the Episcopal Church which supports mission projects all over the world. Regular, intentional thanksgiving can make a difference in your life, as well as in the lives of those who receive your offering. You will find the UTO Blue Boxes, envelopes and brochures on the tract rack at the back of the church. Start now! And please remember to bring your Blue Box (or, Blue Envelope) to church with you on 21 June! Kay Hollis, UTO Coordinator 8

9 WOMEN OF THE CHURCH Here is a photo taken at the World Day of Prayer last month which was held Wiesbaden s Kreuzkirche and was centered around the special country of The Bahamas. Participating in a special program was our WOC President, Jill Cross, in a yellow sarong. Parish Announcements and Reminders FLOWERS IN THE CHURCH There is a chart on the announcement board divided into Sundays in 2015, so anyone who wishes to give flowers may do so. You might like to give thanks for a birthday, a wedding anniversary, in memory of a loved one or just in general thanksgiving. Whatever the reason, simply put your name on the appropriate Sunday, then your contribution into an envelope (20/30Euro) with all information then place it in the alms basin. For the Easter Flowers, you are invited to make a donation, however small, to the cost. There are special EASTER Donation envelopes. Giving flowers in this way does not actually entail arranging them. There is a group of talented flower arrangers at St. A s who do this for you. If you interested in this special artistic service and would like to know more, contact Wendy Rathgeber w ho heads the guild ( ) Mothering Sunday daffodils The April meeting will meet at the church on Friday, the 17th at 3.30 pm and go for a spring walk in the Henkel Park, followed by delicious Kaffee und Kuchen at the Café Casanova. If anyone is interested in joining us occasionally, please contact Jill Cross ( ) Mid-Week NEARLY NEW The mid-week Nearly New sale resum es on Wednesday, 8 April from 9am 1pm and takes place every second Wednesday of the month. The group of volunteers who sort and sell provide an opportunity to purchase some great bargains in clothing and household goods that have been donated by parishioners. Anything in good condition is always appreciated, so if you are spring cleaning, think of St. A s Nearly New. Set-up day is on Mondays or Tuesdays. Elfriede Räder is in charge ( ) COFFEE, TEA AND REFRESHMENTS Hey! Want to sign up to prepare and serve coffee following the Sunday morning service? This is so important to our parish fellowship! Those of y ou w ho ha ve not y et sig ned up, or haven t signed up for awhile, we need your efforts too! How about team work? Choir? Sunday School Families? Altar Guild? Vestry? Ushers? Acolytes & Parents? Taunus Group? What better way to get to know your fellow parish members than by greeting and serving them? You will find the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board at the back of church. Any questions will be answered by our head hostess, Elaine White. You can do this!! were provided by Jill Cross MARCH LENT DONATIONS & DEDICATIONS 1 March - The flowers were given to the glory of God by Lisa and Andy Pickersgill in loving memory of Florian 8 March - The flowers were given to the glory of God by Maria Geilen in loving memory of her beloved mother Maria Josefine 15 March - The flowers were given to the glory of God by Lisa and Andy Pickersgill in thanksgiving for the birth of their granddaughter Abine Grace EASTER FLOWER DONATIONS Given to the Glory of God in joy and thanksgiving by Confirmands Katie and Bailly Bollinger, and Shirley Blenkinsop & Dieter Bölzing 01 April Eric Dillenberger 02 April Renate Selkirk-Donath 03 April Hannah C.K. Feldvoss 06 April Theo Patsios 08 April Harrison Williams 15 April Emmanuel Onwubuariri 16 April Dave Onwubuariri 20 April Gaby Marahrens 25 April David Payne 26 April Zoila Kornrumpf 27 April Marian Oshyra PARISH BIRTHDAYS IN APRIL Enjoy the happiness of the season; may your world be filled with pastel colours and sunshine Many Happy Returns of the Day! 9

10 ANNUAL SPRING CLEANUP A big thank you to the thirteen workers who rolled up their sleeves for a quick Saturday morning clean on 7 March. Two vital areas were attacked...the bell tower and the garden storage shed. This is a vital part of our presentation to the city and if our gardens and building look attractive, then it shows how much we care for our place in the community. The photos show the Miracle Men in our newly organized shed (Kevin, Peter & Piet) and the Pew Patrol (Marshall & Judy) who wiped down all the seating in the sanctuary. Our downstairs was given a wash by Veronica, and Cameron with Nina made the bell tower neat. Well done. KAFFEEKLATSCH Roxane Richards& Elaine White host St. Augustine s Church Café which opens from to every Saturday for a cup of tea, coffee, home-made cake or chat. This conveniently coincides with the Book and Nearly New sales as well, so St. Augustine's is quite Poor Johnny! He had given up busy making contact with people in the community, many of sweets for Lent, and the temptation was almost too great! whom have never been inside the church before. Donations of homemade sweets will be most gratefully received for our continued outreach in Wiesbaden. Volunteers to help in this ministry please contact Elaine White who has kindly agreed to set up a roster. Tel: A special Thank you goes to Elaine White, Roxane and John Richards, Valerie Röcker, Veronica Rejmers, Monika Ehrentraut, Ivan Williams, Jeanne Nelson, June Dewell, Jill Cross, and Jillian Süssner for their cakes and service. COFFEE/TEA HOSPITALITY TABLE Bravo! Your work in March was much appreciated: Anna Altwasser, Elaine and Jim White, Jeanne Nelson, Kate Asmanidis, Graham Elliot and Leena Eilitta and the English ladies who made the delicious Simnel cakes for Mothering Sunday: Wendy Rathgeber, Jill Cross, and Fleur Donecker SPECIAL CAKE Prolific bakers John and Roxane Richards brought a lovely cake to church to mark the first anniversary of Fr. Chris arrival to our parish. Singing our approval, the chocolate delight was quickly eaten after the candle was ceremoniously blown. Mmmmmmmm..good! Thank you. KITCHEN & SANITARY SUPPLIES Thanks to Simone Ramsay for our pantry milk supply, Darl & Debbie Cord and the Whites for our coffee, Richard Nelson & the Doneckers for paper tow els, toilet paper, paper plates and napkins. The Whites also gave the two new white trash bins with swing lids. OUR GARDENING ANGEL and her saint On the day of this year s Spring-time clean-up, Rosemary Unger stopped by to check on the progress of the 10 Ivy plants planted a year ago beside the fence facing the villa. She and her husband Manfred also provided the young laurel bushes behind the iron fence facing Frankfurterstrasse. As head of the garden committee, she is always glad to welcome others that share her enthusiasm and green thumb and she has happily found a hard worker in Graham Elliot who helped her put in some new plants in front of the block house Euronymous, green and silver, as a ground cover and a Laurel at the left end. He also brought some sand and re-laid the paths up to the doors as well as providing a pebble boundary line. Thank you, Rosemary & Graham for your care of St. A s. 10

11 Parish Announcements and Reminders SUNDAY CRÈCHE & CHURCH SCHOOL Until the Peace, before communion and the children s return to their parents, there is life downstairs in the undercroft each Sunday morning thanks to help from Andrea Noble, Roxane Richards, Jeanne Nelson, with care from young mothers Kate Asmanidis & Julia Feldvoss. We provide the children two groups, older and younger; the dividing line varies as to which children are there. There are activities appropriate for the toddlers and preschoolers, including songs and crafts and the older children help read the psalm, scripture or the story that is in our work/study program on that day. Sometimes it is a very diverse age group but the Sunday school is growing and we appreciate all the children s participation and the parents efforts to get their children there on Sunday morning Fr. Chris had all the children present come forward to sit around him and spoke to them of the Bible lesson concerning Jesus command to Suffer the little children to come unto me He gave each child a packet of Spring seeds to plant explaining how it would need nourishment and water to grow strong then gave the Sunday School class an Icon from Romania depicting Jesus surrounded by adoring children. The Sunday School choir sang Hymn #490, I want to Walk as a Through Father Chris encouragement we have an established an easy curriculum for our Christian education formation that emphasizes our intended mission to the youngest in our midst. For the last few times we met during Lent, Roxane Richards has segregated the older reading children into the back room, where they, intermediates, are asked to think harder about what God and Jesus asks of us as Christians in a modern world but also studying the examples of early believers and Old Testament heroes. Child of the Light and several other songs were from the Prayer and Praise service, contemporary and worshipful; Erika and Kate Nelson took turns playing. FAMILY SERVICE March 22 A shorter service than normal because it was especially geared to the young families in our midst who have tiny children with short attention spans, we celebrated a new type of morning worship that is planned to be held whenever there are five Sundays in the month. Train up a child in the way he should go : and when he is old, he will not de- Confirmands Yasmin Blenkinsop and Tanika Rejmers each splendidly read a scripture Lesson while young Harrison Williams representing the Sunday School, lead the prayers of the people with confidence. part from it. Proverbs 22:6 11

12 MIDWEEK EUCHARIST HEALING SERVICE If you have forty-five minutes free on a Wednesday morning, it might be well spent in worship, especially if you have an ache in your body, in your heart, in your head. Fr. Chris opens up the church at 9.30 am, in time for the 10 o clock Eucharist and welcomes those who need a special touch, a word of encouragement or a heart-felt prayer. Most, but not all go next door to the Villa Clementine afterwards for a Bible study of the upcoming Sunday service scripture readings. Over a Café Latte, Expresso, sandwich or cake, there is an casual easiness that encourages one to ask and share questions and opinions. BIBLE STUDY AT THE VILLA CLEMENTINE The Choir of the Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury under the leadership of Ivan Williams have full rehearsals every Monday night from 7.00pm 9.00pm, taking a short teatime break in between. They also practice before the worship service 0n Sunday mornings at 9:30am. We can always use more singers! PALM SUNDAY 2015 Opening Blessing of the Palms which like the procession had to take place inside due to rainy weather. The Passion Gospel was read by a cast of the congregation and the service ended with Choirmaster Ivan Williams singing The Donkey (pictured here) JOIN US AT ST. A s For A Welcoming, Informal Service with Contemporary Praise and Worship Music Prayer and Healing Scripture and Teaching VESTRY RETREAT 2015 Saturday 11 April at 5.30 pm The Vestry at work and play during their retreat in Kloster Tiefenthal on March 28 Kate Nelson Asmanidis, keyboard 12

13 Parish News, Announcements and Thoughts STATIONS OF THE CROSS Every Friday during Lent a small group met in the candlelit sanctuary and walked in procession around the stations reading in turn of our Lord s passion and death. Ivan Williams set the tone for the Trisagion sung and Fr. Chris or Richard Nelson led in the readings and prayers. The stations were represented by a set of Victorian prints given by the John Richards family. This simple but very moving half hour of words, pictures, ritual and devotion will be much missed by your editor. MEETING GOD IN MARK Each Friday at 7.30 pm, Fr. Chris held a Lenten Bible Course downstairs in the undercroft and those attending took turns reading Mark s Gospel, pondering the questions, and sharing a variety of answers guided along by Fr. Chris insight and two books on St. Mark: Meeting God in Mark by former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and Mark for Everyone by N. T. Wright. Great refreshments, too. Thank you. LENTEN RETREAT Linda Bredvik Photos by Lisa Pickersgill Several of St. Augustine s Faithful and Friends (as Father Chris calls us) recently took an opportunity to learn about praying with the Psalms at the Franciscan Exerzitienhaus in Hofheim. The peaceful retreat center and Father Chris gentle directions and talks gave everyone a chance to focus on the Psalms their beauty, their joy, their pain and find ways we could use them in our individual lives, and times of prayer and meditation. Vespers and compline gave everyone a chance to use them in worship, and the nearby forest and garden labyrinth provided amazing opportunities for each of us to see and experience the Psalms in nature. The overnight Lenten retreat was also a very nice opportunity to get to know one another a bit better as we spent the opening session (and a bit more) talking about our denominational backgrounds and experiences with the Psalms. 13

14 Programme of 150th Anniversary Events Wednesday 20 May Lunchtime Recital, with Erika le Roux Saturday 30 May Traditional English afternoon tea* 30 May 13 June Historical Exhibition with guided tours daily except Sundays 1.00 pm pm am 4.00 pm Sunday 31 May Choral Evensong 5.00 pm Saturday 6 June Wednesday 17 June Kryptonite Radio Theatre: The 39 Steps* Lunchtime Recital, with Erika le Roux 7.30 pm 1.00 pm Saturday 20 June Wednesday 15 July American Barbecue & Live American Music noon 5.00 pm Lunchtime Recital, with Erika le Roux 1.00 pm Sunday 19 July Monday 20 July Wednesday 19 Aug. Festive Eucharist to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Consecration am The Choir of St. John s Church, Ranmoor in Concert 7.30 pm Lunchtime Recital, with Erika le Roux 1.00 pm Friday 4 Sept. Night of the Churches pm Wednesday 16 Sept. Lunchtime Recital, with Erika le Roux 1.00 pm Friday 25 Sept. A Victorian Music Box Concert* 7.30 pm Ticket required further information: or contact Tel.:

15 Parish News and Announcements St. Augustine of Canterbury Church KINDER KLEIDER BAZAAR SATURDAY 26 APRIL 11AM 2PM Coffee, Cakes, Hot Dogs, & Soft Drinks Christine Spethman, coordinator O (office) Veronica Rejmers, manager EASTER TREE & EASTER FLOWERS & EASTER CANDIES & EASTER EGGS Once again, in the chapel area, there will be a German-style Osterbaum on Easter Sunday. Beneath it will be a small garden of flowers to take home after the service as a remembrance of our shared joyful Eastertide. Also planned is the Sunday School children s traditional Easter egg hunt after the Festival Eucharist. If you d like to donate some goodies to sweeten the pot, please bring small individually wrapped candies to the church or speak with Andrea Noble ( ) At Easter, many people give or hide or eat eggs because the egg is a symbol of the Resurrection. It is an emblem of the rising up out of the grave, in the same manner as the chick, entombed as it were in the egg, is in due time brought to life. LOOKING AHEAD May Youth Across Europe The Spiritual Journey: Homing in on God Munich, Germany 20 May st of the Lunchtime Concerts of Erika le Roux & Friends 23 May Ecumenical Geist-Reich Festival 3 6pm in St. Elisabeth s Church 30 May An English Tea Party - 150th Anniversary Event 31 May Anglican Evensong at St. A s 20 June St. Augustine s All- American Bar-B-Q with live Music (Fundraiser) 21 June United Thank Offering Spring Ingathering 19 July Festive Eucharist to commemorate 150 Anniversary of Consecration July CAECG - Developing Christian Ministry - Bonn, Germany The deadline for contributions to the May 2015 issue of the Parish magazine is Friday, 24 April 2015; contact the Church office or editor, Jeanne Nelson 15

16 THE CHURCH OF ST. AUGUSTINE OF CANTERBURY PARISH CALENDAR APRIL 2015 Frankfurterstrasse / Wiesbaden / (0611) / SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 TENEBRAE 8 pm Capital Campaign Mtg. 6pm 2 MAUNDY THURSDAY Soup Supper 6pm Holy Eucharist & Footwashing 7pm All Night Vigil 3 GOOD FRIDAY Good Friday Liturgy 7am & 7pm Veneration of the Cross + Communion 4 HOLY SATURDAY LITURGY 12 NOON 5 Allelulia! He is risen! EASTER SUNDAY 10am Holy Eucharist with Flowering of the Cross Easter Egg Hunt 6 EASTER MONDAY am Holy Eucharist & Healing Prayer 11am - Coffee & Scripture 9 VESTRY MEETING 6.30pm 10 FRIDAY FORMATION (Women in the Bible) 7.30pm at the Parsonage 11 Kaffeeklatsch Church Café, Nearly New & Book Sale 11am-2pm PRAYER & PRAISE Service 5.30pm 12 EASTER I am 2pm 10am Holy Eucharist Sunday School Confirmation Class 19 EASTER II 10am Holy Eucharist Sunday School Rev. Douglas Robinson, preacher & celebrant 20 CHOIR 7pm CHOIR 7pm 21 1st Wednesday Nearly New Sale of am 1pm 22 10am Holy Eucharist & Healing Prayer 11am - Coffee & Scripture FATHER CHRIS IS AWAY 23 9am Music Section Meeting WOC Meeting 3.30 pm Walk in the Henkel Park & Café Casanova 24 Forum on Christians in Iraq/Syria (Persecution & Flight) with Bishop Pierre Whalon 6.00 pm 25 N early New & Book Sale CHILDREN S CLOTHING BAZAAR Kaffeeklatsch Nearly New & Book Sale 11am-2pm FMC 11am 26 EASTER III 10am Holy Eucharist Sunday School Confirmation Day 27 CHOIR 7pm am Holy Eucharist & Healing Prayer 11am - Coffee & Scripture 30 Alleluia! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia! 16

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