Android apps that you will definitely find it handy on vacation

Every summer, upcoming tourists go on vacation and orderly loaded into the aircraft-buses and moving towards expensive hotels, bright chaise lounges and “all inclusive” services. Those who do not like such a chamber rest, call themselves “children of freedom / savages” and take everything into their own hands. Independent travels, in addition to enjoying the beauty, also give an extraordinary experience. We have selected for you 8 applications that will help the novice traveler.

Google Translate

Have you already chosen the country – where to? Hot Dominican with its’ Spanish dialect? Or maybe you decided to repeat the Great Silk Road? In any case, you will need to know the language. There are some ways of becoming a polyglot without the fantastic efforts, yet still it does not exclude the need for a pocket translator. Over a hundred languages, offline packages of dictionaries, self-learning algorithm, simultaneous translation are all Google. In addition, the4re is an interesting function with photos: you take a picture of the text or signs with your smartphone camera, and the application does the rest. Simple, intuitive, convenient and free.


Sensational, but no less functional application for finding air tickets. You will be able to decide on a flight with all the desires and possibilities. The search base consists of hundreds of airlines, with included price comparison and gives an ability to choose of the most suitable and cheapest options. You can buy tickets via your smartphone and there is an option to add ones to your “favorites”.

Another ultimate app for the tourist. You can also use the web version for navigation, but you will not find functional differences. There is a huge base at your service suitable for any wallet: over a million hotels around the world. You have an opportunity to choose a simple solution for a budget vacation, or an incredibly luxurious hotel for complete pleasure. The application acts as a directory and intermediary, you are free to set up your filters and decide on the best offer.


Probably it is the most popular and obvious leader among travelers. It has over one hundred million users, worldwide fame and trust. A service that needs no introduction, but requires a note about the functionality. The application is able to replace several at once, including data on: hotels, air tickets, restaurants, entertainment and forums. With a help of one it is easy to build a trip route. Each interesting object or bar has its own page with a rating, detailed information and address. Reviews are written by common tourists, and all you need to do is just to log in.

Wi-Fi Map

The Internet is everything! If it would not be for the Internet, the applications without offline content would be useless. You can always buy a local SIM card, but not always it can be done quickly and conveniently. Here comes the world map with Wi-Fi. Users from around the globe mark access points and passwords to them. Over 100 million places at your service. It’s good that you can pre-download the location of the points in the city of interest, and you will not need the Internet even to find it. You can independently participate in filling out the “white spots” on the unlimited internet map.


Hitchhiking has long been a specific type of travel. It is often romanticized in cinema, showing us the scenic highways, friendly companions and sunny weather. It would be nice, but there are common cases when a desperate tourist, no longer feeling ones’ legs, catches a ride. Add to one a scheduled rain. It certainly does not seem pleasant. The application takes the idea as a basis and implements it within the digital era. BlaBlaCar is a competitor on long-distance bus flights. People are looking for travel companions for some to get to their destination, while others compensate gasoline and travel costs. As in other programs, flexible filters allow you to choose your ideal route.

13 countries: France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.


If there is a long road to come, you will have to occupy yourself with something interesting. Dragging a folio of your favorite author with you is counterproductive. Bookmate is a mobile library with six million readers. The app gives an access to an endless fountain of knowledge with 850.000 books in 12 languages. This is a convenient reader with flexible settings and offline mode. There is a paid subscription, which removes all restrictions and costs from $ 4.99 to $ 6.99 per month. A classic is read free of charge, by the way, it will also last for several weeks of continuous reading. Cross-platform allows you to start reading on a laptop, continue on the iPhone, and finish on Android.

Flush - Crowdsourced Toilets

Yes, that's what everyone thinks about, but nobody really asks. Well, it’s good when you have an organized group or knowledge of the area, but it is a seldom case. Another problem may be: lack of the Internet and a language barrier. So, all that is required from you is to download the application and enable it in the GPS settings. About 200,000 restrooms will be marked on the map, and this will be enough to feel comfortable.