Who wants fresh apples?

The World Conference WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) which traditionally attracts not only developers, but also ordinary users has ended. The event took place in San Francisco from 13th to 17th of June. The results were the most significant technological topic of the month. However, first things first.

watch OS 3

Apple began the presentation with telling about the new watchOS version.

According to Kevin Lynch, watchOS 3 will give users many features and improvements that were so lacking. He claimed that the operating system began to work 7 times faster than its’ previous version! By pressing the physical key on the watch face, the owner gets access to ones’ favorite applications, each of which starts almost instantly. The programs themselves will be able to update the data in the background. Now it is not necessary to keep the application with a personal trainer open: it will collect data and in the folded state. Also, the watch has a control center – the classic “curtain”.

The interface has changed. Switch between applications will be on the new screen, which activates with a long press. It resembles its’ iOS version. Apple also added several new dials, including a dial with Minnie Mouse and a dial with information from the Activity app, which monitors your physical activity during the day. Three alternative versions of its’ appearance are offered. Switching the dials is even easier – just drag your finger across the screen. By the way, the Activity has also changed: now the application is adapted for people with disabilities.

The new application Breathe will let you to relieve stress. During breathing practices, the program will check a pulse. It was developed in collaboration with medical professionals and specialists in yoga. Just choose how many minutes you are ready to spend on breathing exercises, and the application will slowly guide your inhales and exhales using a visual interface and barely perceptible tactile touches to your wrist.

An interesting feature is the SOS button. It is enough just to light the button on the case, and your coordinates will be transferred to selected contacts or to the rescue service. This system works both through the cellular connection of your smartphone, and directly with the watch, if they are connected at this moment to the wireless Wi-Fi network.

Another important update: handwritten notes Scribble. The operating system has learned to recognize handwriting in two languages: English and Chinese. When it will be supported with Russian, is not yet known.

A feature of the operating system for watchOS smartwatches is the ability to work when the screen is off, an updated design, the Control Center, handwriting recognition and, of course, improved performance.

The update will be available to users in the fall.

i OS 10

Apple has introduced a new version of its’ mobile operating system iOS 10. The most of the event was focused on it. The long-awaited iOS 10 pleasantly surprised Apple fans.

1. The lock screens’functionality has been significantly expanded – you can check notifications, make appointments in the calendar, use Uber, select a music track, quickly launch the camera and dozens of possible scenarios.
2. Improved 3D Touch – now with a certain pressing force, you can delete messages and carry out various manipulations with the programs.
3. QuickType keyboard got the ability to automatically fill out forms, quickly send data about the user's location and updated the text input function.

4. Maps in iOS 10 will now memorize and offer the user the most convenient route, as well as alternative ones in case of traffic jams. The maps themselves have become smarter and offer to calculate the time to work or home, to find a place for lunch or refueling. As so often the case, in the CIS, the functionality does not work at full capacity.

5. In the standard photo application it will be available to recognize faces, objects and background, as well as the ability to automatically create a video from photos taken at a certain moment or in a certain place.

6. Apple Music has gotten an updated interface and the ability to track lyrics.

7. The company also announced the HomeKit application – a set of tools for managing the “smart home”. It is enough to note that you are at home and the program will enable or disable certain gadgets.

8. A voice mail transcription and notifications on possible spam calls will appear in the application for calls. There have been some changes in the application "Phone". The most interesting feature is the ability to call via the application to your contacts in WeChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp. By the way, contact cards have also been updated.

9. In iMessage will be available to preview links and videos right in the program window, handwritten text on the photo, larger emoji icons and the conversion of specific words into emoji. Users will be able to increase or decrease the size of the message and add other effects - for example, "surprise". In addition, iMessage has become another platform that developers have access to. The ability to “hide” the received message or image from prying eyes, draw pictures by hand, sets of stickers and much more.

10. The voice assistant Siri got updated. Your assistant is synchronized with many resources, and now it can write messages to common instant messengers and even order a car via Uber. Access to it was obtained by third-party developers who can embed related functions in any applications. They also got access to Apple maps and now they can integrate their programs with them.

11. A function "Raise to Wake" for the rapid withdrawal of the smartphone from sleep mode has been designed. All you need to do is just to pick up the gadget and it turns on the screen itself. Similar functionality, we have seen in Moto.

12. The program “News” has been updated. It has got a new design, and the ability to notify the reader about urgent news. You can also subscribe to interesting publications.

13. The final chord of the presentation was the announcement of the Swift Playgrounds program, which will help you to learn the code (so you could picture yourself as a programmer) right on the iPad. An extra row of characters has been added to the keyboard specially for it. The application will appear in the fall and will be free of charge.

At the moment, the firmware is available for download to everyone who has a developer account. Public beta test starts in July. Official release in the fall.

tv OS

The TV on Apple's operating system can now be controlled from a smartphone using Remote. Also, manufacturers have added automatic download of compatible programs from the iPhone to Apple TV.

The remote control can be replaced with an iPhone app. At the same time, the gyroscope built into the smartphone can be used to play games. Siri voice assistant will also work much better. It will understand the contexts of the asked questions and quickly search for the content the user needs. At the same time, it can even find for you any video on YouTube or broadcasts on specific channels.

Apple also developed the Single Sign-On system, which will allow you to register just once in order to gain access to all popular TV channels and applications. Previously, you had to register in each separately. And also you can turn on the night mode so that the TV screen does not blind you in the dark.

To date, the OS supports 1300 channels and 600 applications.

A free upgrade to the next version of tv OS will be available in the fall. Developers got the access to the operating system on the day of the presentation.

mac OS

Apple renamed OS X to macOS. Both the television and laptop versions of the OS did not get major updates, yet still there are some new features.

Compatibility work has been done. If you have an Apple Watch, then you no longer have to unlock your Mac: the system automatically recognizes smart watches nearby. Devices on macOS and iOS have a common clipboard. You can copy text, pictures and even slides from presentations from Mac to iPhone or iPad and back.

iCloud has been updated. For instance, the service learned how to automatically upload old files from Mac storage to the cloud to save space.

Thus, macOS Sierra itself will “clean the system”. Also the voice assistant Siri has appeared. It works taking into account the capabilities of the desktop operating system. For example, search results can be posted directly to the notification center. If you are looking for pictures on the Internet, you can simply drag them from the notification center to the document.

Here are some slight modifications: the multi-window mode now works in all programs, the video can be viewed in the picture-in-picture mode, like on an iPad with iOS 9.

The public beta version of macOS Sierra will be released in July, the final – in autumn.

Apple products have become even more productive and functional. Users waited for the updated: watchOS, tvOS, macOS and iOS 10.

But many expected console was not presented. It was assumed that we would see the game console at the opening of the conference, but alas. There were no announcements of new devices. Apple’s return to this market is predictable, as the company had previously announced the development of Metal technology for processing graphic information. In addition, the latest Apple TV 4 consoles can be used for simple casual games, so the assumptions are not unreasonable.