Only 80.000$ away from tomorrow!

We no longer notice technologies. All of these smart ones — homes, telephones, televisions, vacuum cleaners, scales, and light bulbs — are taken for granted. Let’s be clear, even in such countries as Belarus, which is far from cyberpunk reality, virtual reality spots appear here and there, and people on hover boards do not cause anxiety. Whether we will become part of the matrix, or we will fight the “Skynet” is yet to be seen. Today, at the dawn of a technological feast, we will see what the price of progress is.

Our choice fell on the most interesting, pretentious and experimental, in its’ class, devices.

Google Glass

Let's start, as usual, with the head. What is on it to wear is the choice of each, but we suggest paying attention to one of the most innovative and revolutionary gadgets of our time. In 2013, the Google Glass prototype seemed extremely intriguing. After spending two years in development, the final version was released on May 15, 2014, but after six months, production was stopped. Thousands of people have become owners of newfangled devices, and in various flea markets you can still choose a glasses frame.

Augmented reality glasses made a step towards a fantastic future, but at the same time gave rise to a series of scandals. Questions about human rights and private space have become an acute subtext for future technologies.

The price is around $ 1500.

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality is the trend of recent years. So much admiration of people who have tested the new product from the world of high technology. Whether it is a simple roller coaster imitation or a more serious car simulator, or even a flight in open space – delightful experience. Legendary John Carmack, who showed to the world such hits as Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake, was glad to present tomorrows’ device at E3 2012.

Mark Zuckerberg, who bought Oculus for $ 2 billion, is confident that virtual reality is a new and promising platform.
The USA – 599$

Wireless headphones Time dictates its own rules, and more than a century has passed since the first headphones appeared. Having thrown off the shackles of wires, they begin their unconditional expansion. Today and tomorrow they are a trend, and you have to cut it to the quick. Obviously, AirPods provoked a fuss on the Internet.

Apple decided to shoot from the hip and delicately patched the connector from 3.5 mm mini-jack. The decision, of course, controversial. And the point is not that retrogrades rebel and ask to return the Mesozoic. Alas, the AirPods allows the battery to work for about five hours, but a special case extends this time, although it also needs to be charged. This is the main problem of modern technologies: the capacity of the battery and their quality indicators are no longer able to meet modern needs. In the meantime, we are charging our “power banks” and are waiting for cardinal changes.

USA (expected in October) – $ 159.00


It is everything. What is interesting, the call function itself has already faded into the background. A smart receiver is a miracle of engineering and design ideas, like a Swiss Army knife. The technical power of the device, which you now hold in your hand, was unattainable fantasy half a century ago. And the iPhone gave it a current look from the starting point in June 2007. Let’s not mention Nokia and others alike, because, regardless, all this hype, trend and madness was brought by the guys from Cupertino.

It is the seventh apple of discord fell on our heads. While some take loans and lay gold teeth in a pawnshop, others tirelessly pour criticism on Tim Cook and the company. A price for iPhone 7 / 32gb:
Belarus – 993$, Russia – 880$, USA – 649$

The tablet Apple tells us: “iPad Pro is not just the next generation of iPad. To a large extend, this is a new concept of a personal computer for the modern world”. To agree or not to is a business purely personal. One can be said for sure, we can say that the tablet market is in deep recession. Lenovo from time to time pampers us with its Yogis, Microsoft is trying to wipe the nose of everyone at once, surprising the price tag on the new Surface Pro, and Google / HTC seem to have forgotten that they have a Nexus. Of course, you can think of the good Nvidia Shield, but it is pointless to deny that there is a “crisis of the genre”.

Therefore, we take iPad Pro 9.7 inches as a companion. For we are “pro”, and thus the device must be appropriate. There is a True Tone – automatically adjust the color of the screen depending on the ambient light. And there are four speakers that will provide you with high-quality and “deep” sound. It is not necessary to say that this is a powerful solution for business issues and an excellent multimedia processor. Do not forget about Apple Pencil – a stylus for graphic editors, which greatly simplifies the life of artists and designers.

Edition (wi-fi) with 128 gigabytes on board.
Belarus – 904$ (Pencil ~139$), Russia ~ 935$, (Pencil ~123$), USA – 699$ (Pencil -99$)

Fitness tracker Sport and health are another leitmotif of the 21st century. The Jawbone company with its’ bracelets became significant in the field. Having evolved to the third version, the tracker has learned to permanently monitor our state of activity, heart rate, and also to control the quality of sleep.

Initially, this kind of device was planned for athletes. It is convenient to constantly monitor your heart rate indicators and, not least, to fix them in activity graphs. Although doctors complain about not the most accurate data, it is quite suitable for moderate use. As usual, all good becomes a public property. So, Jawbone UP3 received due popularity and price tags:
Belarus ~ 135$, Russia ~ 130$, USA ~ 60$

Smart watch

Watches have always been a thing of status. When a common person sees a “beautiful wristwatch”, the expert finds Patek Philippe and Breguet in details. Also, in its’ distant from the classics form, Apple Watch catches the eye. By the way, it’s already the second generation.

We see the new incarnation in an old body – so what has changed?

Apple Watch 2 got a built-in GPS, which gives full information about the current route. The4re is no longer need to look into the smartphone. And now you no longer need to take off watches when you are going to the pool, but they are not suitable for diving to great depths. As for the hardware, the new -S2 processor should speed up work by 50%.

From the available options, we choose: 42 mm. of black space on the “Milanese loop”
Belarus ~ 1000$, Russia ~1030$, USA – 749$

In addition to that, a new ceramic version of watches has appeared, which costs twice as much, but is distinguished by increased wear resistance.

Action camera

Let’s say, a geek decides to conquer Chomolungma, but who will know about it? After all, ordinary cameras are not designed for stressful situations, but the plot should be recorded. And here you go, GoPro hands us a selfie stick, allowing us to save the best moments of this dangerous adventure.

Two weeks ago, the Hero series stepped into the 5th generation. Changes lie in the new 12-megapixel camera and 2-inch display. From now on, video recording in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, shooting in RAW format and voice control are available. There is also a GPS module, the ability to immerse in water to a depth of 10 meters. Before a special cover was required.
The prices for GoPro Hero 5 Black are: Belarus ~ 500$, Russia ~ 500$, USA ~ 480$


You are tired of standing in traffic jams, bored with a bicycle, a scooter is for children, and yet you do not earn enough for a helicopter? Then a hoverboard is your choice! A street transport of tomorrows’ metropolis is at your service. The principle of operation is as simple as that: you stand on the platform and, leaning in the right direction, begin to move. One charge is enough for 30 km, which, no doubt, is more than enough for over one day of active driving. With a power of 800 watts, you can joyride at speeds up to 18 km / h.

Belarus ~ 970$, Rssia ~ 760$, USA ~ 800$


If scooters are childish, and the speed less than 100 km / h is the lot of the turtle, then Elon Musk has a special offer for you. Red, sporty, eye-catching for onlookers – Tesla Model S is waiting for you around the corner at the socket.

This is the most technologically advanced electric car on planet Earth. There is a smartphone on wheels in front of you, which constantly receives updates. So, with firmware updates there has been added: improved power consumption, autopilot, Spotify and manual adjustment of clearance. Needless to say, a real geek will squeal with delight!

From 0 to 100 km / h in 4 seconds. Those are results worthy of a real sports car.
Power reserve ~ 400km
Belarus ~ 75.000 $ Russia ~ 76.000 $ USA- 68.000 $

Also, in the US, the “charged” Tesla will cost $ 134,000.

The total cost of the kit:
Belarus ~ 82.000 $
Average monthly salary ~ $400
~ 17 years
Russia ~ 83.000$
Average monthly salary ~ $550
~ 12.6 years
USA ~ 74.000$
Average monthly salary ~ $2500
~ 2,5 years

It is hard for a perfectionist who is in love with the industry and is waiting for every new gadget with a sinking heart. This hobby requires huge financial investments. Now imagine the smile of science fiction writers who knew about our brave new world.